Fiber Telephone Service


1) Better Quality

Have you ever had calls drop or had interference in the middle of conversations? What about living close to the middle of nowhere without cell reception? Landline phones are well known for dependable and high-quality voice transmissions. They will even work in areas that are prone to extreme weather conditions.

2) Lower Cost

Compared to cellular providers, the cost of a landline is much cheaper. Especially if you are bundling it with TV and internet. There are many different options for finding the right home phone for you. Wired or wireless most options are drastically cheaper than buying a smartphone.

3) Emergency Use

Most people don’t realize that cell phones can only detect a general vicinity of a user. They cannot detect the exact address or coordinates of the location. Landlines on the other hand do have that capability, which comes into use when there is an emergency. In addition, as long as there is a cord attached your phone, it will work during power outages.

4) Very Simple

There are a lot of people that appreciate the ability to use a telephone without having to check social media or other distracting applications. Not to mention you won’t have to worry about getting the latest updates on your landline like you would a cell phone.

5) Reliable Backup

Even if cell phones are convenient to have, it’s always good to know that you have a backup solution. You will always have a home phone for someone to use in emergencies. A lot of security systems will require a landline to connect to an emergency call center. Although you can find a wireless solution, they won’t be near as reliable as a landline.

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